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How to act like a Melbourne stripper

So, you probably reside in Melbourne and have been wondering what it looks like to act like a Melbourne stripper. You’ve also probably seen the strippers Melbourne features and wondered what it will be like to be in that category. Well, we’ve made the job easier by compiling some activities some of the best strippers Melbourne features. Click here to learn more about Melbourne Strippers.

Hopefully, these routines will put you on the perfect track as regards becoming a stripper in Melbourne.

How to act like a Melbourne stripper
  • Run 1 to 2 miles first thing in the morning. This will start your circulation flowing and relax your muscles, preventing them from becoming stiff and strained during the day. Running on a daily basis also tones and tightens your thighs and calves, which are important body areas for strippers and give them a seductive form. Squats are the best workout for working out your glutes and thighs. You may perform it in the gym or at home by holding a gallon of water in each hand.
  • Lie down on the floor on your back. Bend your knees and position your feet hip width apart on the floor. Allow your arms to hang down by your sides. Lift your hips as high as you can using only your hip muscles, leaving your upper back on the floor. Hold for one minute, then take a break. Rep 15 times more.
  • Keep a tight and balanced diet with plenty of protein and a moderate carbohydrate consumption. Get rid of the drinks, bread, spaghetti, and cheese. Eat more to speed up your metabolism, not less, as our metabolism naturally slows down as we age. Breakfast is the most essential meal and should be the largest, followed by a snack, a modest lunch, followed by a snack, and supper should not be eaten after 8-9pm.
  • Combine a cardiovascular and weight-training program. Doing a 30-minute cardio workout 5 times a week, as well as 30 minutes of weight training (rotating upper and lower body workouts) 4 times a week, is the greatest approach to have the best body. Try Tai Bo, which mixes aerobic and weight training, or the cycle class.
  • Sign up for a Hip Hop or street funk dance class. This will keep you up to speed on the most recent moves and provide you with a comprehensive exercise regimen. Dance lessons will educate you to stretch your muscles and drive you to grow long, lean muscles rather than the bulkier muscles seen in body builders and other sports. Dance is also a pleasant type of exercise that will allow you to relieve stress and enjoy the process of achieving the physique you desire.
  • Maintain a straight posture! Back shoulders, chest out. It’s incredible what excellent posture can do for your body. I’ve heard that body magic may help you lose weight and improve your posture.
  • Get the most out of your everyday routines. Use sex as a kind of exercise! Take the stairwell! Park down the street!
  • Tighten and relax your ab muscles if you’re trapped at your desk all day. You’ll forget you’re working out! Also, when walking, clench your buttocks and abs. You may perform sets of ten throughout the day and observe a difference in a few of weeks.
  • Drink plenty of water. Nothing is better for your skin or your curves. Fill your gallon or water bottle with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with cosmetic improvements. If you live in Melbourne, you are well aware of the popularity of butt modifications and everything else that comes to mind.
  • It all boils down to this: Use what you’ve got to achieve what you want! Bottom line: any woman who understands herself can charm a guy into servitude. If you’re going to be swinging about on the crib looking uncomfortable about your physique, there’s no need to buy a pole for it.

Asides from the routines we just discussed, we also deemed it relevant to seek advice from one of the experienced strippers Melbourne features. And here is what she has to say about her experience as a stripper. 

I felt a surge of strength.

When I was on stage, I occasionally felt in charge and had power over the men and my true problems. I could feel strong up there with the guys staring up at me if I was having a good day and felt comfortable in myself, and if the men were courteous and tipping well.

I felt beautiful.

Being one of the best strippers Melbourne features made me feel attractive at times, which is unusual for someone who has poor self-esteem. I got to dress up in ridiculously provocative outfits like a music video vixen without anyone laughing at me. I’d be up there on stage in my six-inch platforms, black leather miniskirt, and huge breasts and hair, feeling hot and seductive while everyone fawned over me.

Men were interested in me.

Men lusted after me; they lusted after me fervently. The realization that I was a desirable woman anchored me in something immediate and empowering. It was something about myself that made me feel special at a time when I was fighting to view myself as valuable.

I was the embodiment of liberty.

I was 18 years old, and I didn’t have to go to a dull office job or college classes I didn’t want to attend. I was able to choose the days or nights I worked. I could select which club to work at, which town to live in, and which state to live in. I was free to make my own decisions. I could even toss a drink in a customer’s face if he was bothering me. If I felt the urge to smack a person, reject him, or yell at him? The club was always there for me.

I was bringing in money.

While the money wasn’t as good as most people think it was, I did make money, and a lot of it. This was in the early 1990s, so I wasn’t making as much money as strippers do now. During the day, I worked primarily at tiny clubs in Connecticut, but I was bringing home cash, which made me feel financially comfortable. My daily take-home pay was unquestionably higher than what I had been earning selling shoes at the mall.

I met a lot of interesting individuals.

Many of the women I encountered in the industry had unusual personalities, such as the stripper with the curly blond wig who spilled milk all over herself or the elderly lady who performed a magic show. Many of the clients, like many of the strippers, were kind individuals. We had a tendency to be dark, troubled, and intense – if that doesn’t make for intriguing stories, what does?

I was able to dance all day and be compensated for it.

It doesn’t get much better than that, I mean. I was compensated for dressing up, dancing, and feeling gorgeous. It seemed as if I was getting paid to workout and everyone else was just getting paid to sit and watch. I was able to twirl around and strut my stuff while feeling like a gorgeous woman. Dancing for seven hours a day was excellent exercise, so I was in excellent health and condition. My physique looked fantastic. I no longer have a stripper physique since I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and typing. I miss having a stripper butt.

I learned a tremendous amount.

As one of the experienced strippers Melbourne featured, I learnt about relationships, sex, power, intimacy, and its absence. I also learned a lot about the difficulties we all face, and that no matter which side you’re on — client or dancer — there’s knowledge and strength on both sides. I learnt about the corporate world. I discovered what was most important in the world. I discovered a lot about myself. However, I believe that in the end, more questions were created than addressed.

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