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10 Things you didn’t know about Melbourne strippers

You’re probably planning to take a stripping job or become one of the best strippers Melbourne has. However, you may be held back by what has been a stereotypical misconception about strippers. Well, if you’re looking to be a stripper in Melbourne, we’ve helped you by compiling 10 facts you probably didn’t know about strippers in Melbourne. 

This article was also written from several people’s perspectives including some of the best strippers Melbourne has. But for privacy reasons, we didn’t disclose their name.

Hopefully, the info that will be divulged in this article will assist you to clear some doubts and put you on track to becoming one the best strippers Melbourne has ever seen, enjoy.

Strippers and other adult entertainers sometimes make the headlines in one form or another. Ted Cruz’s company drops an ad after one of the actors was discovered to have been in pornographic films; corporate accounts are found to have sponsored lap dances for executives; and cities and towns want to clean up their reputation by prohibiting strip clubs from operating outside of city limits. In movies and tv programs, strippers are commonly degraded, down on their luck, in an unhealthy relationship, and probably having a golden heart. 

10 Things you didn’t know about Melbourne strippers

Stereotypes of strippers and sex workers are deeply ingrained, making it difficult to see the truth behind photographs of thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings. So here are some fun facts about strippers you won’t find at the Bada-Bing.

1. You probably know one.

The exotic dance industry employs more women than all other dance styles combined. At any point in their life, several women from various backgrounds strip. At least one professor approaches me after I talk about striptease at academic conferences to confess that she, too, was once a stripper.

2. Stripping isn’t empowering or degrading to women—it’s both.

Are you a lady? Do you work in an office or at home? Then you’ve already experienced humiliation or discrimination. As a graduate student, I faced even more violence and misogyny than when I was stripping. That isn’t to suggest that stripping is solely about grooving and asserting your physical dominance. Stripping can be depressing and oppressive, as well as rewarding and exhilarating, like any other work that requires mental labour and physical speech. click here to learn more about mental health.

3. Strippers aren’t prostitutes or porn stars.

There are several facets to the sex industry, and I do not agree that there should be a hierarchy of sex workers. However, the vast majority of strippers do not serve as prostitutes, so don’t expect your lap dancer to have extra services. Know this when patronizing the strippers Melbourne has.

4. Strippers pay to work.

Strippers are considered private workers of the exotic dance industry, which means that instead of clubs hiring performers, dancers pay the club to perform there. A dancer must pay a $80-$150 “house fee” to the club any day she shows up for work, as well as “tips” for DJs, house-moms, and other support personnel.

5. Strippers are labor activists.

Dancers have filed class action lawsuits against a host of chain clubs, claiming that their interests as workers are being violated. Strippers should be considered as workers, rather than independent contractors, under federal labour law, and clubs micromanage any part of their labor, from what they wear and where they perform and how they talk to clients. As a result, Melbourne strippers should be treated as employees, rather than independent contractors, and would be entitled to minimum pay, unemployment insurance, and other benefits. Many performers, on the other hand, are opposed to the proposal, believing that clubs will misuse them even more and that they will lose their earning capacity.

6. Strip clubs are about fantasy, not about sex.

I understand that a lot of dreams revolve around sex. However, most men who frequent strip clubs have other desires as well, most of which include mental rather than physical intimacy. Many men visit strip clubs to be noticed and seen; others go to brag to their friends; and some go to watch women other than their partners or wives get naked. Week after week, I had a regular who paid me $100 to listen to him vent about his marriage troubles for a few minutes. Strippers are often mistaken for therapists, with the exception that they wear less clothes.

7. Your boyfriend isn’t going to get with a stripper if he goes to a strip club.

This is due to two major factors. The first is that strip clubs aren’t about reality–as mentioned previously. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with some of the best strippers in Melbourne; instead, he wants to play pretend and then bring the thrill home to you. Going to a strip club indicates that he has a vivid imagination, so take advantage of it! The other explanation is this: Your boyfriend is great, but the stripper doesn’t want to be with him. Her duty is to make him feel good for himself, but she prefers to return home to her own boyfriend or girlfriend, not yours.

8. Strip clubs are multinational chains.

A strip club is typically thought of as a seedy joint in a dark alley full of society’s dregs. Many strip clubs, though, are now operated by major businesses and run more of a casino than a biker bar. All of the clubs have opulent décor and opulent menus, including one that serves a $1,000 dessert (complete with a teeny tiny rock, but still!).

9. Stripper chic is a thing.

Strippers dress up as pop stars. Pole dancing lessons are common with celebrities. To “unleash the sex kitten inside,” kids will purchase a Peek-a-boo pole dancing set designed for girls “11 and up.” While the toy was removed from store shelves in response to parental outrage, it is still available on Ebay.

10. Strippers can tell you a lot about the world we live in.

Even if you’ve never been to a strip club, the corporate invasion of striptease is a wake-up call about the dominance of corporate control in any part of your cultural, political, and personal life. If marketing interests can influence the personal, private experience of erotic dance, we should be concerned with other aspects of our lives that we wish to keep out of the corporate sphere.

Final thoughts

With the info in this article, you can finally be on your way to becoming one the best strippers Melbourne has to offer, why? This is because this article should have changed your perception about Melbourne strippers.

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