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Are you planning a buck’s party and looking for ideas on what to do? How to make it fun? If you ask us, we would tell you to start by hiring topless waitresses. There are numerous reasons for this all of which revolve around their reliability to enliven and bring life to any party.

There are many ways in which topless waitresses contribute to the success of parties. From ensuring everybody’s glass during the party to providing an alternative, visual form of entertainment, their impact cannot be underestimated.

Regardless, most people want more out of buck’s parties than topless waitresses simply sashaying around and holding conversations. They want more engagement and interactions. And if you can provide them with this, you would have given them a night to remember for many many years.

We are sure the question on your mind right now is, how can I do that?

It’s quite simple, really. Organize games that everybody – both topless waitresses and guests – can participate in. With games, you will introduce more fun into the proceedings.

So, what are those games you can play with topless waitresses Central Coast at a buck’s party?

Read on to find out.

Staged Kidnapping

Staged kidnapping is one fun game to play at a buck’s party. It is a simple roleplaying game where the groom (the buck) is kidnapped by a scantily clad kidnapper, thrown into the back of a vehicle, and driven away.

How does it work?

Say you and the boys are at the hotel, drinking and having fun. Soon, everybody will be heading out to the venue of the party where there will be loads of activity to participate in, not to mention, an unlimited and inexhaustible amount of liquor. Out of nowhere, there is a knock on the door. And in the doorway stands a gorgeous-looking lady – the way the groom likes them. Within a minute, the buck is tied up, thrown into the back seat of a vehicle, and driven away. However, instead of being driven away to a hideaway, he is driven to the venue of the party, where everybody is seated and ready to celebrate with the man of the hour.

While that is the core of the game, feel free to be creative and add your twists.


Another game you can play with topless waitresses in Central Coast is Twister. Usually, many people find this game annoying. We can’t blame them, it is very popular with children, after all. However, playing Twister with topless waitresses is anything but usual. And that added factor is all you need to ensure that everybody will enjoy it.

At its core, Twister with topless waitresses Central Coast is the same as that played by children. However, there are additional rules which make it more fun and more suitable for adults. By the way, have drinks handy when you play this game. It will make things more interesting.

The additional rules basically include taking off an article of clothing when the spinner lands on red, penalties for putting on extra pieces of clothing, and just how far you can take the game, among others.

Twister, especially when drinks are introduced, help people become less jaded. They loosen up and interact more and the result is more fun for everybody involved.

4 Buck Party Games with Your Topless Waitresses

Topless Sushi

How does the idea of eating sushi off the body of a gorgeous, naked woman sound to you? Does the word “incredible” sound right? Yes, we thought so, too.

The Japanese call this game Nyoitamori. And we can assure you that it is wilder and way more interesting than you are currently imagining. you can check out more strippers at

The game is simple. A topless waitress in a bra and g-string – or just a g-string for that matter – waltz into the room where you and your boys are. Next, she lies prone on the table facing up. Another equally gorgeous waitress with maddeningly beautiful curves walks in after her with a plate of sushi in hand. She then proceeds to serve it on the human tray of the earlier waitress.

Picture that scenario in your head. A tray of beautiful, tantalizing human flesh. Smooth, soft, and silky human flesh. And delicious sushi arrayed on it.

Surely, this the stuff fantasies are made of! Especially when you are playing this game with topless waitresses in Central Coast.

Blow-Up Doll

For this game, you will need two blow-up dolls. You will also need participants who do not have much inhibitions and who care deeply about having fun.

So, how does this game go?

Call up two participants and give each a blow-up doll. Next, have them blow the dolls up as fast as possible. Whoever loses – the last to blow up his doll – is then given a dare or asked to down a pint of alcohol.

After, give each of the participants a period – 30 seconds to 1 minute – to simulate different forms of sexual acts they can think of on the doll. This part is usually the most fun and is guaranteed to have the whole house roiling with laughter.

But where do the topless waitresses in Central Coast come in?

They might not! But if they do agree to participate, you can have them help with the time countdown, observe the winner of the blow-up contest, or take the place of the dolls in the final act of the game – the sexual simulation part. While some won’t mind, some will decline.

And there you have it: four games you can play with topless waitresses at your buck’s party. They are guaranteed to keep the party going all night and well into the daybreak. At least, until everybody is tired.

A word of caution, though. Plan the games ahead and inform the topless waitresses in Central Coast of your plans. By doing this, you will know whether they are comfortable with the games. And if they aren’t, try finding people who have.

Have fun!

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